är en jättebra intervju av Yo Show! Dom pratar om Willows klädstil, musik, men mest av allt att man ska vara sig själv!

“What made you wanna make the song I Am Me?”

“I was playing on the piano one day, just messing around, and I came across these chords that I really liked. So I played it for my mom and dad, they recorded it, they sent it to my vocal coach. He played it, made it into a track and then I wrote the song with Sia.”

“That’s great, but what inspired that message, what made you wanna get that message out?

“I just feel like sometimes people misstake like why I do what I do, and why I dress how I dress. And I feel like I was kind of like frustrated because like society makes you think that it’s not okay to be yourself, and the last time I checked that’s the easiest thing to do. “